Sunday, July 31, 2011

Yes, I am so proud of myself.. I have actually been keeping up with my blog, my mom is still in Georgia so I have to post for her to see what Pres is up to.. we'll see what happens when she come home in two weeks!!

Alivia came out to Logandale and stayed with us last night and I had so much fun.. Jason was gone at a roping so Me, Alivia and Pres had a fun little girls night.. Presley loves Alivia and was so happy for her to be here, anytime Alivia would go up the stairs Presley would start crying because she thought she was leaving..

This is now Presley's new favorite thing to do.. pulling up on everything! All she does is crawl around and find new things to pull herself up to stand.. she is crazy and is doing so much new stuff all the time

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