Saturday, July 2, 2011

another trip..

We took another trip to Georgia, this time for my grandmas funeral. It was bittersweet.. I'm so grateful she's no longer suffering like she was and that she is now reunited with my grandpa.. but I will miss her everyday. For the last couple years I was not able to go visit them, which I now feel so much regret for. My entire life we would go down there at least once a summer for 4-6 weeks usually, some Christmas's, and some spring breaks.. I love Georgia, my favorite memories of my childhood are in Georgia with my grandparents, and cousins..I love the smell of it, I love all the trees, and I loved the feeling of being home when I was there. I will miss it so much, I will miss our nightly walks, roller blading down the driveway, golden donuts, Krystals, panama city beach, bbq's and swimming with all the cousins, forts in the woods, gardenia's, and so much more.. I am grateful for all my amazing memories with my grandparents and of Georgia, it is a huge part of me and I will miss it all so much.

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