Thursday, July 14, 2011

8 months

Eight months yesterday.. She is starting to do so much so fast!! She has they Army crawl down.. and I know my days are numbered until she is truly crawling.. she hates to be held now that she can get around by herself.. everything goes in her mouth!! its awful because she finds the littlest things like pennies, and toothpaste caps and everything else you can imagine. She loves being home and in her crib.. we've been out of town three times in the last month and she sleeps terrible in a pack n play!!! she wakes up all night and only takes little cat naps.. so we are home and I love it because now I can get some sleep!! She is now loving playing with other kids.. She loves her cousins.. She has found her head bands!!!! I rarely put them on her anymore cause she just rips them off.. so she always looks like a boy! She's a pretty good eater, She eats any baby food I give her. She gets more fun every day and we love her to pieces!!

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