Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Jason's favorite rodeo is Salinas, CA.. but unfortunately every year he never has much luck there.. until this year, They won it!!! it was the most exciting win because it's always been Jason's dream to win it, so it meant so much to him. They roped amazing and placed in 4 out of the 5 rounds and won the average by 1.5 seconds.. the buckle is beautiful, it's made out of solid gold and is awesome..
http://www.prorodeo.com/Story.aspx?xu=3073.. here is an article on prorodeo

Presley playing with the buckle, she loves how shiny it is

Last night I was getting Presley's stuff ready to put her to bed, and Jason started yelling for me, I go in our room and Pres is giving him all kinds of kisses, it was the cutest!! her version of kisses is sucking on your face!!

This is Presley's favorite thing to do, she crawls after sugars toys then holds them until sugar comes and steals it from her, then it starts all over, she loves it

Jason and Randon went to Salinas alone and let me tell you, Presley missed her dad, she has been so excited ever since he came home.

*Presley has found her bows, that is why they are rarely on her any longer, as soon as I put a headband on her she reaches up and pulls it off..

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  1. congrats on this rodeo and the governer's tag... why is your hubby SO LUCKY? Pres looks so cute with her daddy:)