Sunday, July 31, 2011

Yes, I am so proud of myself.. I have actually been keeping up with my blog, my mom is still in Georgia so I have to post for her to see what Pres is up to.. we'll see what happens when she come home in two weeks!!

Alivia came out to Logandale and stayed with us last night and I had so much fun.. Jason was gone at a roping so Me, Alivia and Pres had a fun little girls night.. Presley loves Alivia and was so happy for her to be here, anytime Alivia would go up the stairs Presley would start crying because she thought she was leaving..

This is now Presley's new favorite thing to do.. pulling up on everything! All she does is crawl around and find new things to pull herself up to stand.. she is crazy and is doing so much new stuff all the time

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Jason's favorite rodeo is Salinas, CA.. but unfortunately every year he never has much luck there.. until this year, They won it!!! it was the most exciting win because it's always been Jason's dream to win it, so it meant so much to him. They roped amazing and placed in 4 out of the 5 rounds and won the average by 1.5 seconds.. the buckle is beautiful, it's made out of solid gold and is awesome.. here is an article on prorodeo

Presley playing with the buckle, she loves how shiny it is

Last night I was getting Presley's stuff ready to put her to bed, and Jason started yelling for me, I go in our room and Pres is giving him all kinds of kisses, it was the cutest!! her version of kisses is sucking on your face!!

This is Presley's favorite thing to do, she crawls after sugars toys then holds them until sugar comes and steals it from her, then it starts all over, she loves it

Jason and Randon went to Salinas alone and let me tell you, Presley missed her dad, she has been so excited ever since he came home.

*Presley has found her bows, that is why they are rarely on her any longer, as soon as I put a headband on her she reaches up and pulls it off..

Friday, July 15, 2011


We went and spent a week at the ranch in CO and had such a fun time.. The guys would go out everyday and go shooting and scouting while the girls went for walks, cooked and hung out.. Dusty and Deena were up there with their 4 month old baby, Ethan, It was fun to get to see them because they live in TX and since were not rodeoing as much we don't get to see them that often and this is only the second time we've gotten to see ethan.. Anyways, it was lots of fun, and Presley did pretty good on the 10 hr. drive!

Audrey and TY

Jason and Pres playing, She LOVES her dad


Thursday, July 14, 2011

8 months

Eight months yesterday.. She is starting to do so much so fast!! She has they Army crawl down.. and I know my days are numbered until she is truly crawling.. she hates to be held now that she can get around by herself.. everything goes in her mouth!! its awful because she finds the littlest things like pennies, and toothpaste caps and everything else you can imagine. She loves being home and in her crib.. we've been out of town three times in the last month and she sleeps terrible in a pack n play!!! she wakes up all night and only takes little cat naps.. so we are home and I love it because now I can get some sleep!! She is now loving playing with other kids.. She loves her cousins.. She has found her head bands!!!! I rarely put them on her anymore cause she just rips them off.. so she always looks like a boy! She's a pretty good eater, She eats any baby food I give her. She gets more fun every day and we love her to pieces!!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Panama City Beach

Me, Presley, My Mom and Alivia took a quick trip down to Panama City Beach, It's only a 3 1/2 hour drive.. We would drive down there every other summer since I was little and it is my favorite place in the world!!! The beach is amazing, way better than any other place I've been.. We had such a fun time, Presley was so cute in the ocean and sand..

Presley's favorite thing to do is to suck on things.. I was going through my beach pics and in every single picture I have she had something different in her mouth.. first, a piece of pineapple

Then a water bottle.. Don't worry, Jason already informed me that she looked like a grandma in this pic, I forgot her hat and had to get this one at walmart- they don't sell baby sun hats! so this is an adult one, but it was a must, Presley's poor little bald head would fry out in the sun.

Then a random piece of paper

Then her sunscreen..

We had such an amazing little beach trip!!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

another trip..

We took another trip to Georgia, this time for my grandmas funeral. It was bittersweet.. I'm so grateful she's no longer suffering like she was and that she is now reunited with my grandpa.. but I will miss her everyday. For the last couple years I was not able to go visit them, which I now feel so much regret for. My entire life we would go down there at least once a summer for 4-6 weeks usually, some Christmas's, and some spring breaks.. I love Georgia, my favorite memories of my childhood are in Georgia with my grandparents, and cousins..I love the smell of it, I love all the trees, and I loved the feeling of being home when I was there. I will miss it so much, I will miss our nightly walks, roller blading down the driveway, golden donuts, Krystals, panama city beach, bbq's and swimming with all the cousins, forts in the woods, gardenia's, and so much more.. I am grateful for all my amazing memories with my grandparents and of Georgia, it is a huge part of me and I will miss it all so much.