Monday, July 4, 2011

Panama City Beach

Me, Presley, My Mom and Alivia took a quick trip down to Panama City Beach, It's only a 3 1/2 hour drive.. We would drive down there every other summer since I was little and it is my favorite place in the world!!! The beach is amazing, way better than any other place I've been.. We had such a fun time, Presley was so cute in the ocean and sand..

Presley's favorite thing to do is to suck on things.. I was going through my beach pics and in every single picture I have she had something different in her mouth.. first, a piece of pineapple

Then a water bottle.. Don't worry, Jason already informed me that she looked like a grandma in this pic, I forgot her hat and had to get this one at walmart- they don't sell baby sun hats! so this is an adult one, but it was a must, Presley's poor little bald head would fry out in the sun.

Then a random piece of paper

Then her sunscreen..

We had such an amazing little beach trip!!

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