Thursday, September 29, 2011

Yes, it's been awhile but to my defense Jason has been hunting a lot and takes my card reader to check his game cameras.. so without being able to upload my pictures, there's been zero blogging! But I'm back and with lots to catch up on.. Presley- she is now walking!!! she takes a couple steps at a time then falls, but the record is 15 steps- she's crazy. She now has 4 teeth, and is finally saying DA DA, ma ma, and all kinds of interesting noises, she has started this new thing where she grinds her teeth and it drives me crazy, it's like nails on a chalk bored and makes me cringe! We got her Halloween costume this week, she is going to be cookie monster- I know what your thinking, Cookie monster isn't very girly, but trust me it's adorable.. Jason- like I said he has been hunting and had a couple rodeos to go to so he was gone quite a bit this last month but now he is home and we love it! Me- Obviously my life isn't very exciting, I do pretty much the same thing everyday- Take care of Pres, cook, clean, laundry... But I have been going to play volleyball twice a week and I love every minute of it! So that's all we have been doing and I'm going to try and not disappear from my blog for a month!!

P.S. Taking pictures of Presley is difficult.. She won't sit there and as soon as you put the camera up, she stops smiling.. so here's the best we got..