Friday, December 4, 2009


Last night was the first night of the NFR, Randon is roping in it again this year and its so fun to be able to spend the nine ten days with lots of family and friends.. Randon and his partner Jo Jo won the round last night so it was even more exciting!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Colorado Hunt

Last  weekend was Jasons first hunt of the year.. Him and randon went up in Alamosa, CO.. I'm not a big fan of hunting so when jason goes, he's on his own, sorry babe..

Jason's made the CO record book

Monday, November 2, 2009


I know there are 100 posts about halloween already and I wish I had something more original but I don't!! I love halloween, even though I wish I could still get dressed up and go trick or treating! my highlight is now getting to watch all my nieces and nephews get dressed up and spoil them with lots of candy... so here they are!

Lincoln was a dog but I couldn't get a picture with his costume on..
Gavin was the man with the yellow hat, Depp was curious george, river was a banana
and Jesse was a power ranger

aspen- ballerina 

My sister summer had her little twins! she had a boy and a girl..this is Hudson.. Savanna is still in the hospital and hopefully will get to come home soon!

I know Im's sugar my princess!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Circuit Finals..

Jason qualified to rope in the circuit finals last weekend so we spent thursday- sunday up in ogden and just had lots of fun being able to see some family( my little sister alivia found time out of here busy schedule to go eat with me and i loved every minute of it, thanks liv) and friends( i got to go down to good old provo and see my besties jill and rach)..i have no pictures because i suck at remembering to take them and when jason ropes im always videoing so i don't have another hand to take any pictures.. anyways the rodeo was awesome jason won the second round! well that was the last rodeo of the year so we are now home!!! being home is absolutely splendid!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Yes I am the one that is old and i love it!!! Im finally 22.. I'm one of those few people who love getting older, I can't wait to be 60 with 40 grandkids, grey hair, and lots of wrinkles.. anyways my b-day was fantastic spent with my amazing husband, and wonderful family.. I'm so grateful for my family and friends my life would be nothing without them! 

I had lots of help blowing out my candles!
and it doesn't hurt that i was absolutely spoiled once again on my birthday.. this is my new baby.. 

I am very excited to now update this blog with much better pictures cause it was a serious upgrade from...

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Winter Quarters

We were in Omaha, NB last weekend for Jason's tour finale and we had the chance to go see winter quarters..for those who don't know winter quarters was a little town the pioneers made on there way from Nauvoo, IL on there way to Salt Lake. They didn't have enough supplies or food to make it all the way so they stopped there before heading all the way to salt lake. It was such an amazing experience to see what they had to go through and they did it with such faith.. the hardest part was going to the cemetary and seeing all the names of the little kids and babies who died there.. Im so grateful for the example that they set and for being able to go see it all.

winter quarters temple

Names of the 600 pioneers that died there

Next to the cemetary and temple they have the mormon trail center  
and they have a tour and you see the types of houses they lived in and 
stuff..audrey trying to pull a handcart