Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Yes I am the one that is old and i love it!!! Im finally 22.. I'm one of those few people who love getting older, I can't wait to be 60 with 40 grandkids, grey hair, and lots of wrinkles.. anyways my b-day was fantastic spent with my amazing husband, and wonderful family.. I'm so grateful for my family and friends my life would be nothing without them! 

I had lots of help blowing out my candles!
and it doesn't hurt that i was absolutely spoiled once again on my birthday.. this is my new baby.. 

I am very excited to now update this blog with much better pictures cause it was a serious upgrade from...


  1. Haley I ablalutly love you! But to bad you wont have wrinkles thanks to the Galvanic!!!!!!!

  2. I just laughed at michelle's comment-I'm annoyed because now I have to change your address thanks to Jason!!! You are so cute!

  3. I am so happy u FINALLY got a new camera.....that screen was hilarious....Now you can take pics for me so I am not the only annoying person will a camera. Your nephews are SO cute!!