Thursday, October 1, 2009

Winter Quarters

We were in Omaha, NB last weekend for Jason's tour finale and we had the chance to go see winter quarters..for those who don't know winter quarters was a little town the pioneers made on there way from Nauvoo, IL on there way to Salt Lake. They didn't have enough supplies or food to make it all the way so they stopped there before heading all the way to salt lake. It was such an amazing experience to see what they had to go through and they did it with such faith.. the hardest part was going to the cemetary and seeing all the names of the little kids and babies who died there.. Im so grateful for the example that they set and for being able to go see it all.

winter quarters temple

Names of the 600 pioneers that died there

Next to the cemetary and temple they have the mormon trail center  
and they have a tour and you see the types of houses they lived in and 
stuff..audrey trying to pull a handcart


  1. I dont know how far I would of made it pulling my handcart......

  2. I just got teary eyed looking at this! Im so glad you got to go!