Monday, January 25, 2010


The 2010 rodeo season has started (the two months we had off were way to short!).. so we are now in texas for the next couple months. During the winter all the rodeos are around here so we'll be in Dublin, TX staying with Randon and Audrey( thanks Aud for being so awesome and taking us in!) when were not gone to a rodeo. Im just happy to be here because getting everything packed for months, then the 24 hour straight drive down here is kinda crazy! but were here so everthing is great. They rope in Ft. Worth, TX.. and Rapid City, SD this week so thats where we'll be.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Audreys baptism

Things have been super busy from the NFR, Baby showers, family christmas parties, Christmas, getting ready for rodeo season to start but a major highlight was that we were able to fit in my sister in law Audrey's baptism... she was able to finish all the discussions and we thought she would have to wait untill we got down to Texas but we were able to talk the mission president into letting us do it last night and it all worked out perfectly! It was a little thrown together but a long time coming.. Audrey is one of my best friends and such a blessing in my life and im just grateful to have seen her testimony grow and she's such an example to me.