Sunday, January 3, 2010

Audreys baptism

Things have been super busy from the NFR, Baby showers, family christmas parties, Christmas, getting ready for rodeo season to start but a major highlight was that we were able to fit in my sister in law Audrey's baptism... she was able to finish all the discussions and we thought she would have to wait untill we got down to Texas but we were able to talk the mission president into letting us do it last night and it all worked out perfectly! It was a little thrown together but a long time coming.. Audrey is one of my best friends and such a blessing in my life and im just grateful to have seen her testimony grow and she's such an example to me.


  1. Hi, when Jade told me she was getting babtized I got so excited for her, It doesnt suprize me much I think she has a special spirit about her. How cool! tell her congrats for me. Love ya and miss you!

  2. After the baby comes you and who ever else wants are more than welcome to come stay here if you need to we have two extra queen size beds and a queen sized blow up matress we would love to have you!