Monday, November 2, 2009


I know there are 100 posts about halloween already and I wish I had something more original but I don't!! I love halloween, even though I wish I could still get dressed up and go trick or treating! my highlight is now getting to watch all my nieces and nephews get dressed up and spoil them with lots of candy... so here they are!

Lincoln was a dog but I couldn't get a picture with his costume on..
Gavin was the man with the yellow hat, Depp was curious george, river was a banana
and Jesse was a power ranger

aspen- ballerina 

My sister summer had her little twins! she had a boy and a girl..this is Hudson.. Savanna is still in the hospital and hopefully will get to come home soon!

I know Im's sugar my princess!


  1. Sugs the little fits her perfect! She is so cute!! Your niece and nephews are soooooooooo adorable! Are those the new hot BEX sunglasses Jay has on?? I love them!! ubet.

  2. haley you are too cute i loved the witch costume you had on why is there not a pic. of that