Sunday, January 8, 2012

14 months

Presley is almost 14 months!!
-Says Ma Ma, Da, Hi ( probably 200 times a day) and she attempts to say Sugar but ends up being Shu.
-She has ten teeth
-Sleeps good, 1-2 naps and sleeps 10 hours at night
-She is a horrible eater! She will only eat for like 3 minutes and you have to entertain her the whole time, plus she's really picky, she eats the same things over and over cause it is all she will eat.
-LOVES to be outside!
-Hates any sort of confinement, hence why we have an eating problem.
-Loves other kids, she loves getting to play with all of her cousins
- She is the only kid I've ever heard of that doesn't do well in a forward facing car seat. She gets mad because she thinks since she can see you that she should be able to get out of it, so frustrating!
- She gets in to absolutely everything! She empties out one drawer, then goes and dumps out my purse, then goes to a cabinet and pulls everything out.. AHHHH!
-She is so cute and so fun and even though she is a tyrant, we love her more than anything!!


  1. Not 100 percent sure, but The new law is to keep the car seat backward facing until the age of two. My pediatrician told me this after I read an article on it. But maybe ask your ped. It might be different out here.

  2. I love her sweet smile and beautiful eyes!!! We miss you two!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!