Thursday, May 5, 2011

Houston and Disneyland

Don't worry, I'm back.. and here to document the last couple months of our lives!!
First we went to Texas for a couple of rodeos.. heres Jason and Presley hanging out in the trailer watching TV..

Jason roped amazing in Houston, which made the whole trip worth it and lots of fun!!

Heres Presley eating rice cereal for the first time.. she loves it! This first time, there was more on her bib than in her mouth, but since then she has become a pro..

Heres some pics of our trip to Disneyland.. It was so much fun cause Jason hadn't been since he was little.. so it was pretty much his first time and Pres loved It's a small world, she was kicking and smiling, it was the cutest..
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and heres just some cute pics..

and thats all I'm going to get done for now because Presley no longer wants to sit on my lap and blog... so I will post the rest soon!

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