Wednesday, June 6, 2012

As of right now we have decided to have this little one on June 27... We went to the doctor about a month ago and the heart specialist looked at his heart and it has complications that aren't even able to be fixed if we tried.. My doctor gave us the prognosis that whether I had him tomorrow or at 40 weeks the outcome will be the same. We will be lucky if he makes it through delivery and if he does our time with him will be very short. So after lots of time spent debating when to have him, he will be here in just three short weeks. It was so hard to make this decision because if it were up to me I would stay pregnant with him the rest of my life, I will never be ready to say goodbye but it has to happen. We are trying to give him the best chance possible to get here safely, and the smaller the better, in order for his omphalocele to make it out without rupturing. So we will just cherish the next three weeks with him and hope that he gets here safely. I am dreading the day but at the same time so excited to meet my son. He has changed me in every way for the better. I have learned love and charity that I never knew possible. Peoples love and kindness to us has been unending and I know I have only seen the beginning.

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  1. You are so strong. Such an example of true motherhood. Youll be in my prayers.