Friday, April 13, 2012

easter+ fair

My camera broke so I haven't posted pictures in forever! well it's back now and I have lots to catch up on. We had such a fun easter, we went to my Mom's on Saturday and did all the fun things- easter egg hunt, dying eggs. Presley had so much fun, she loved dying eggs aka throwing the eggs in the dye, cracking them, and getting the dye everywhere.. holidays are getting so much fun as she gets older and can have fun, I love it...

My mom took her to sit the jacuzzi with the other kids cause I was too lazy, she was in heaven and I know we have a long summer in the pool ahead of us.

Dying eggs

We stayed out in Logandale on Easter and spent time with family out here.

She loved the fair, she was able to ride a couple rides with Jett and River. It ended when she decided to stand up in the middle of a ride, whoops!

And this picture is to keep on record that Presley is constantly walking on her tip toes!! I've tried to get a picture of it forever and here is it! She is sooo funny!


  1. She is absolutely ADORABLE!!!!!!!! Cute pics!! I love watching her run around on her tip toes! I am so happy I finally get to witness how cute and funny she is!!!!!!!! I love her!!

  2. You look so beautiful my friend. sucha good looking family. miss you. glad you had a happy easter.