Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Yes, a month has gone by and I'm way behind on my blogging. Nothing new and exciting has been happening, just the
usual day to day stuff. Presley has had a cold and cough for seriously three weeks and when she is sick she sleeps horribly so we have just been kind of behind on everything lately! So here's some pictures to let you know what we've been up to!

Presley has figured out what you want her to do when you take a picture, the only problem is that the smile she gives is so cheesy! and she automatically squints her eyes because she's waiting for the flash to go off! So here is some of her cheesy ready to take my picture moments..

We spend most of the day outside because she loves it so much, and the weather has been so nice, so here are some not so cheesy posed pictures..

Her new favorite thing is to put on our stuff.. shoes, hats, purses, anything that she can get her hands on, it's really cute..

One of the screws came lose on her toys so I was fixing it, I got up to do something else and she figured she would take over, please excuse the messy child in her diaper..

My sister Michelle had another little boy, he is so cute and sweet.. new babies are my favorite and I loved getting to go meet another new member of our family

A couple weeks ago we went to Flip n Out one of those trampoline places and Presley had so much fun, she loved being able to just run and jump and play.. it was so much fun..

Well that's about it, I will try to do better at staying updated on my blogging!!

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