Tuesday, November 8, 2011

catch up

Here is an attempt of catching up on our lives for like the last month.. First was my birthday which was amazing,I know that I am old and probably shouldn't get so excited about my birthday, but I do.. and everyone always makes it special for me.. we went to P.F Changs and my mom got me my fav red velvet cake from retro bakery, aud got me my favorite bundt cake, but I ate it before it could get a pic..

I made an attempt to paint Presley's toes.. it didn't go over so well, she wouldn't sit still long enough.. then she just wanted to eat the bottle of nail polish..

In my last post I talked about Pres and her obsession with the ziplocs. Well heres the proof.

I had so much fun on Halloween, but that deserves it's own post!

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