Sunday, December 12, 2010

She is a month tomorrow! where does time go? We almost have things figured out.. minus she usually doesn't go to bed until 1 in the morning! and it kicks my booty! but were working on it..Christmas is only two weeks away! I still have lots of shopping to get done, let me rephrase that, all of my shopping to get done... i finally put my christmas decor up, i was getting a little nervous that it wouldn't happen before christmas... i couldn't possibly be more excited for Christmas.. Alivia is coming home for two weeks and i can't wait.. Yes, my posts are all over the place these days, kind of like me! i will hopefully get myself together sometime soon.. but probably not..


  1. Seriously time goes by way to fast! i was hoping to get to see her while we were in town but it was super busy and if we werent busy i was in the room trying to get briten to take a nap he was sick and onrey the whole week! Sorry we didnt get to get togther