Monday, November 8, 2010

Let me just tell you how retarded I am...
So my sister and I were talking about trying to go into labor and she was talking about Castor oil... so I explain how I will never do that because I think that its so gross that people would drink car motor oil just to go into labor... she then informed me that it is a vegetable oil.. I have thought for years that all these woman were drinking Castrol car oil in order to go into labor! Geez I'm not very bright.. but it made me feel a little better when I went home and told Jason the story and he thought the same thing I did, just one more reason why we are married! these last couple posts are pictureless and boring because I have been doing absolutely nothing of interest, just trying to get every last thing ready! Last week I was dilated to a 2, and hopefully on Wednesday it will be more! I've been having contractions for the last couple of days but they only last for about an hour then go away! I get so mad cause I want them to stay so I can finally meet her!


  1. Castor oil was the only thing I didnt try... I heard horror stories of women doing it and then having diarrhea the whole time they were in labor. haha no thanks. I sat on an excersize ball and just bounced while i watched movies and was dialated to a 3 when I got to the hospital. Just an idea. :) good luck!!

  2. Me and Jade are cracking up!!! And we are so glad that you got it figured out before you got desprate enough to drink motor oil!

  3. as for the other comment I have heard the same thing my mother in law who is a nurse said they call it a code brown when a woman comes in that has drank it!