Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I had another ultrasound, this is the one where your supposed to find out the sex but I am way to impatient to wait that long, but they confirmed that yes, she is a girl.. Her name will be Presley.. when I was 16 I was a lifeguard and there was the cutest little girl that was there swimming everyday for tennis camp. She would come talk to me everyday, her name was Presley and i fell in love. Since I was 16 I wanted a little girl so I could name her this. When Jason and I were engaged I told him about this name and luckily he loved it as well.
When I went to my ultrasound last week, the technician thought she saw some things wrong with the heart. I went to the specialist the next day and thankfully they think everything is fine, I just have to go back in three more weeks when they are able to see things better. It was an interesting experience because for the 24 hours that I didn't know if it was ok, I was concerned but I wasn't freaking out. And I realized that I don't really care what condition she gets here in- broken heart, down syndrome, etc.. She will come exactly how she is supposed to..All I want is her.. She is the most loved baby in history.. so if these next 4 1/2 months could hurry up, that would be fantastic.


  1. i love you, i admire your strength cause i know i would have been a mess. it just shows how much faith you have and how strong you are. thanks for being so great!

  2. Yay for the most loved baby girl ever!! She is going to have one CRAZY aunt sammy... ps..she needs to come on 11/17...just sayin! love you!